Saturday, November 14, 2009

Write A Letter

When I was growing up I was taught a valuable lesson from my Great Aunt Pat. She was the little amazing woman who was so giving, loving, and honorable. I remember going to her home and when you walked in the door there was a little table with a guest book on it. As a guest, I would sign that book every single time I went to her house. Aunt Pat was proud of the people she had in her life and she wanted to document them.

One way that she showed she cared was to send birthday notes, thank you notes, etc. She did this for everyone and everything. A lot of time people will go to the store, pick out a card, sign it and send it off. While it is great that we remember birthdays and anniversaries, it seems so much more personal and important if there were note cards with a hand written message in it. It is a little extra step to show someone that you took extra time to think about them and show them how much you care. This will help to Make A Difference in their life.

In 2001 at the age of 94 my Great Aunt Pat passed away. One thing that I will always remember about her is how she made others feel. How she made them feel that they were important to her, by doing something simple. So leave the email for work or everyday conversation, leave the comic cards at Target or Walmart. Grab a blank note card and handwrite a message to someone just to say hi and you are thinking of them.

Thanks for listening!


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