Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Serve Food On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is soon approaching. Many places will be serving meals to the homeless. Churches, YMCA's, orphanages, and including The Salvation Army. Each year many of The Cheesecake Factory's team up with The Salvation Army to help set up, serve, cook, etc for homeless.

Call your local establishment and see if they need help. Maybe you only have 2 hours because you have to set your dining room table and decorate it with squash bowls for soup, fold the napkins and put place tags in the little pilgrim holders. Then it is time to baste the turkey, season the stuffing, plate the cranberry sauce, and whip the mashed potatoes. Now think about not only doing those things for you and your family, but for those who have no home and no consistent meals on their "table" every day.

I hope that you feel inspired by what is written above. It is only meant to get your mind thinking about what you do every day, that can Help Others and help to Make A Difference.

Thanks for listening!


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