Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tennis Balls for Walkers

Man am I busy! I have been working on 3 wedding albums, bartending, working out, running my usual errands, keeping in touch with friends, and getting ready for the holidays. As always, there is more to get done and it seems that the list never ends. Last night I didn't go to bed till 1 in the morning and was up at 6 am so I can start work again and get ready for my kick boxing class. Now I can't continue to get only 5 hours of sleep a night or I will be completely useless and it is bad for my body.

With all that being said, I am on a mission and today, my mission continues. Have you ever played tennis and still have all your tennis balls tucked back in a closet somewhere? Maybe you play tennis now and while you are out on the courts practicing you grab a ball out of your 75 count hopper only to find that when you bounce it, it is flat. If you are like me and play in a park that is near the woods, you take your flat tennis ball and chuck it in the woods. Well, not anymore!

Yesterday I was talking with my friend Amanda and she was telling me about how she is going to take all of her old tennis balls to a retirement home so that they can use them on the bottom of their walkers. How simple was her idea? It just goes to show that we don't have to search hard for ideas or take a lot of time Help Others and Make A Difference.

Thanks for listening!


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