Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to School

This week has been a HUGE week for a lot of friends, family and pretty much everyone I know and don't know. Kids of all ages are headed back to school. On Facebook, I have seen photos of many kids standing outside their home front door, classroom door, in front of the locker, or sitting at their desk. In these photos I have also seen new books, new clothes, and new shoes. I have seen new school supplies, new bag packs, and new lunch boxes. I have seen tennis balls on school chairs, new folders and new computers.

With all of this "new" going on I have to wonder where is the old and what is being done with it? As you are reorganizing your closest or classrooms (for all you teachers out there), please consider making a difference in a young child or teenagers life. Pass those clothes on that don't fit anymore. Donate those supplies to an orphanage where kids of all ages and use them for their studies.

Have a great year of school!
Thanks for listening!

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