Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Take a Chance

In two weeks I am heading out for LA. I am getting in my car and driving across the country to take a chance. I am doing an internship with a charitable foundation that The Cheesecake Factory started. There I will be working with the Director learning how to start and run fundraising events. I made a commitment to myself this year that I was going to help others more. I have started and continued this blog. I have rode a bike for MS. I have done many volunteer "jobs". I have collected shoes for the people of Haiti. I have collected soda tabs that turn into money, and more. This I believe to be my greatest commitment thus far.

When I return from LA, I will be working on projects to raise money for groups such as The Ronald McDonald House, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and more. I have never done this before but believe that we can all do a little more to help others. And wether or not you realize it, when you are helping others, you end up helping yourself too.

Take a chance and volunteer. Just one day a month is a great place to start. Below is a website where you can go to find somewhere to help others. Make it fun and bring the family.

Members Project / TakePart Social Action Network: Important Issues, Activism, Environmental, Human Rights, Political News

Thanks for Listening!

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  1. you are truly inspirational Sheryl. I always want to volunteer but believe I don't have the time. I like the idea of making it a family event. It