Saturday, May 8, 2010

MS Bike Ride

Hello all! It has been quite some time since I have last been on here. The time came closer and closer to the bike ride for Multiple Sclerosis and I found myself consumed. I was on the bike 6 days a week and my last ride ended up being 44 miles. The thing is, is that the path that I have been riding for the 6 weeks prior to the ride is only 7 miles in length. So to ride it back and forth for hours can get pretty mundaine.

As I prepared for my ride, I was also planning travel, working, and continuing to fundraise for MS. We left and were off to the Martha's Vineyard. The weather was fantastic! Apparently the last 3 or 4 years it was just cold. People were wearing earmuff and gloves. This year it was upper 70's and sunny. I told everyone that I packed the sun in my suitcase and brought it with me from Atlanta. I actually have suntan lines on my legs from my bike shorts.

There are a lot of hills in Martha's Vineyard. I had no idea! The first 23 miles were nothing but hills but after that, it was a slight incline and riding along the coastline. Just beautiful! I finished in just under 6 hours with 3 water breaks and a 20 minute lunch break. 6 hours was my goal so I am very pleased with myself.

All in all I raised nearly $2,500 for MS and had the experience of a lifetime! I was able to ride for those who can't. I was able to ride for those who some can't even walk. I was able to raise money from family and friends to help find a cure for MS.

Thank you all who donated and supported me throughout the journey.

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