Thursday, April 28, 2011

Urban Born

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Our History – “Urban Born” is a 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization. The organization has been a philanthropic activity of Johnel Langerston (Founder & President) since 1999, consisting primarily of high school visits in participation of their respective Career Day. As a guest speaker, Johnel was often invited to give motivational presentations highlighting himself and his successful urban marketing company Phatefx, Inc. ( During these visits, Johnel enjoyed interacting with media savvy youth and providing encouragement, counseling and motivation. Far too often, however, he found himself crowded into the same room as other guest speakers where his ability to reach students on a one-on-one basis was diminished. He also notice that, in many cases, the high school students had a determined and made-up mind about the path they wanted to take, whether positive or negative. So he decided to focus his energy toward reaching middle school students and set them on a productive and positive path, so that they would be ready for the “Rite-of-Passage” that awaits them.

Statement of Purpose – To create a paradigm shift in urban communities nationwide through intense cause-and-effect programs, interactive multimedia content, seminars, and events for middle school age students to help them make better life choices, avoid crime, improve their lives and contribute to their community.

Mission Statement – Creating a positive change in the urban community, through assist its students with making informed and positive decisions by showing them the harsh realities of life from an urban perspective, using “Mental Straight” programs and techniques.

Vision – To be the paramount organization creating a positive paradigm shift in the lives of youth in the urban community, so that they can realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens, illuminating the primary social ills plaguing our nation.

• To encourage the youth to stay in school off of the streets and drugs, out of gangs and in school.
• To instill in the youth respect for themselves, others and their community in order to contribute to the battle against teen pregnancy, gangs, graffiti and tagging.
• To inspire racial harmony, primarily between African-Americans and Latinos.

Why We Do What We Do
Did you know that in the United States well over 1 million students drop out of school every year? In other words, that means over 6000 students a day which comes out to at least 1 student every 29 seconds. According to national data, students from low-income families are 2.4 times more likely to become a “drop out” than children of middle-income families, and even 10.5 times likelier than children of high-income families.

Think that this is just an urban or inner city problem? Think Again! There are extreme social implications as the result of a child dropping out of school and dealing with the stresses and frustrations associated with their choices. Our nation’s prisons and death row inmates are made up of, by a disproportionate percentage, “dropouts”. According to one research study high school “dropouts” make up 82% of the America prison population. “Dropouts” are eight times more likely to be in jail or prison than high school graduates; and likely to make almost $10,000 less per year than high school graduates; and is at least twice as likely to slip into poverty than high school graduates, and three times as likely than collage graduates.

Your donation goes towards programs, workshops, equipment and more that’s used to keep our youth off the streets and out of gangs and in school, while providing them with positive life and career skills.

It’s Easier To Catch On Now, Than To Catch Up Later.

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