Saturday, June 19, 2010

Politeness and Manners

I was out shopping today (which I hate) and I was astonished at the politeness of people in the mall. I was at Macy's for their "One Day" Sale and as usual, it was insane. I shopped for a little bit and went to the fitting rooms. It gets a little tiring walking around and standing with this boot on my leg. Anyway, while waiting in line, I had several women ask me if I would like to sit in a chair and I would still be able to keep my place in line. It was very generous of them but I respectfully declined. I went in to the fitting room, tried on my clothes and proceeded to the nearest register. A worker asked to hold my clothes at the register while I waited in line. It was awfully nice of her. She did not have to do that.

I moved on to the next store. While shopping in the store, it was nothing different than I would experience on a normal day. The associates were polite and helpful but nothing more. And to be honest, nothing more was expected. I finished my purchases and began walking out of the mall, I noticed about half a dozen people just staring at me on my way out to the parking garage. I understand that it isn't everyday you see someone walking around with a bit boot on their leg but still... It isn't nice to stare.

When I entered the parking garage, I went to the elevator. I parked up on the 2nd level. I waited for about 5 minutes for the elevator and it never came. As I was about to gather my bags and head up the 4 flights of stairs, a few girls were coming down. One said to me, "Ma'am," like I am old or something, "I think the elevator is stuck on an upper floor." I thanked her and began heading up the stairs. I had 3 heavy bags full of purchases and my purse (which really should be considered a bag itself). As I rounded the the top of the first flight of stairs a teenage boy and his father were passing me on their way down. The boys were approaching me first. The first passed, the second slowed down, stopped and asked me if I would like some help with my bags. I respectfully declined as I did earlier but I was pleased to see a kid with manners.

So often as children we are taught manners and know when to use them, but choose not too. And as parents we hope that what we instill in our children stays with them and they choose to take what they have learned and use it correctly. Not only was I happy to see a teenager with manners, but I was also proud of his parents for teaching him what is right.

Thanks for listening!

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