Thursday, February 18, 2010

The United Way is Helping Others and Making A Difference

Not only does the NFL give their time and volunteer with The United Way but you can too!! Read the information below and click on the link to put in your zip code to find out what needs to be done around your area!

Volunteer Motivation and Motivating Volunteers

Earthquake in Haiti. Hurricane Katrina. When human suffering and widespread destruction are highly visible, caring people are motivated to act…to actually go and help or to send or raise money, supplies, and other support for those in need and working on the ground to bring relief.

But what motivates volunteers to serve our communities in equally important waysto tutor a child, to work a shift at the food bank, or to advise a low-income family on their options with Earned Income Tax Credit? Volunteer motivation has been studied* extensively. Many of the top reasons why people volunteer will be familiar to United Ways.

And three reasons why people continue to volunteer?

· They were ASKED!—A number of studies consistently conclude that a majority of people will volunteerif simply asked. This is consistent throughout the world. The best way to recruit volunteers is to ask themintentionally, deliberately. People want to "help out" if they can and if there are ways for them to be effectively engaged.

· They make a difference—People want to make a difference in the lives of others or in the community. Opportunities with impact are critical.

· They enjoyed the experience—Volunteering provides a variety of personal benefits and satisfaction to the volunteer, in addition to the benefits received by charities and society as a whole. People are more likely to volunteer for a second time if their first experience was satisfying.

Volunteer recognition programs, like United Way Chittenden County's Hometown Hero of the Week and Month are a great way to thank and motivate volunteers in a very public way.

Wondering how to not motivate a volunteer? Josh Pedersen, United Way of Northern Utah, offers these humorous but useful tips in How to Lose a Volunteer in 10 Days:

· Don't ask Failing to ask appropriately is the first step in losing potential volunteers

· Give 'em Sunglasses—Blinding your volunteers to their role in your organization will certainly limit their engagement with your organization

· Be a Terrible Trivian—Giving your volunteers meaningless and trivial tasks will help them find substantial work elsewhere.

Read seven more ways to lose a volunteer, and the sequel!

*Studies include Volunteer Functions Inventory by Clary, et al;, Theory of Needs, McClelland; 3 Categories of Motivation, Fitch; Six Aspects of Adult Motivation, Wlodkowski; Volunteer Motivation Inventory, Esmond & Dunlop.

Volunteering and Haiti

Since the earthquake rocked Haiti, people around the world are asking to volunteer their time. Because of conditions on the ground, United Way is not currently sending volunteers to Haiti.

If you have prior disaster relief experience, have fluency in Creole and have expertise in technical fields such as medicine, communications logistics, water/sanitation engineering, we encourage you to register with the Center for International Disaster Information ( volunteer database.

As Haitians enter the United States as repatriates, refugees, and adoptees, United Way will work to provide for immediate needs such as emergency shelter, food and clothing, as well as services such as emergency health care and family reunification.

Longer-term support includes transitioning refugees from emergency shelters into appropriate housing and establishing a system of social services to help refugees settle in the community of their choice and achieve self-sufficiency. Please use the opportunity finder below or contact your local United Way directly to find out about these types of volunteer opportunities.

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